After an introductory saftey talk & quick basic training you can explore the bay by your self.

 BASIC TRAINING     30min.  15€ 



 During the half-hour SUP lesson, you will get a brief introduction to the SUP equipment including the board, the paddle, the leash and the personal floating device.


  An experienced SUP instructor will show you the proper way to use the full equipment and show you techniques for stand up paddling and teach you skills for manoeuvring the board.


When entering the water we will demonstrate the easiest procedure for you to get on the board and handle it safely. Once you’ll manage to stand up on the board and find your balance you’ll try together some paddling exercises to have more fun and challenge yourself.





A lesson can be followed by a BOARD RENTAL or a TOUR.


During the tour you’ll have the chance to practice what you’ve learned but most important you’ll feel more self-confident on the board and will enjoy more your SUP experience.